How Colman’s came about

2012 – Chartered Accountant Clare calls up a local builder to make some alterations to her home. The builder in question, Matt Colman, takes his 10-year guarantee literally and although not anticipating that Clare will have any problems with his work, he sticks around just in case.

As a mutual appreciation of home renovations turns to love, many happy weekends are spent exploring the Yorkshire Dales, together with a new addition to the family, Winnie (a transit van converted into a bespoke weekend getaway vehicle, as in Winnebago).

The campsite offerings of the day leave a lot to be desired, so Matt and Clare set about finding a place of their own, a step away from the stresses and strains of city life, to offer exactly the sort of weekend retreat they long to find and believe other people will love too, if only it existed…

2015 – A somewhat whimsical idea finally gets off the bucket list and a shopping list emerges.

Wanted: a couple of acres of flat-ish land on the outskirts of a pretty Dales village with a house in need of renovation.

Unlikely as it sounds, a few months elapse before chancing on ‘Town Ends’ in Aysgarth. Hopes soar only to be dashed with the discovery that they’ve been beaten to it earlier that same day. The Estate Agent’s platitudes of being sure to come back to them should the sale fall through, land on broken dreams.

The decision not to hold their breath is a sound one, as four months elapse before the (now hero) Estate Agent does indeed keep their promise, ‘Town Ends’ is back on the market!

Three months later, the sale is complete (never mind the water pouring through the roof).

2016 – After months of heartache and hard work ‘Town Ends’ is re-born as ‘Colman’s’, a 15-pitch touring site certified by the Camping and Caravanning Club and the house transformed into a luxury B&B Guesthouse.

Matt and Clare have achieved their dream, and full bookings suggest that they’re not the only dreamers wandering the Dales for large comfy beds, towels to get lost in, Yorkshire tea and real milk in every room, handmade treats, locally sourced produce, a Yorkshire welcome and we haven’t even mentioned the views. And for the campers, it’s all about coming back to clean, functioning and heated showers, electricity, and not the remotest suggestion of ‘slumming it’.

If you’re looking for a clubhouse bar, designated parking spaces and a ‘no ball games’ sign, Colman’s isn’t for you, but if you want peace, tranquillity, space to unwind, lots of sheep and a place to let your imagination and your kids roam free, then this is definitely the place for you.

Matt and Clare built the dream so you don’t have to.